“I’m Gonna Be Good”

Cassie: I got an email from the Robotics Team Leader at school. You got onto the Robotics Team. Congratulations!

Charlie: That’s cool.Thanks.

Cassie: How’d you do it? I thought you said that you would probably just get into the club, which anybody could join, but that it was going to be harder to get onto the actual competitive team.

Charlie: Yeah. I had to prove to the teacher that I could be on the team so I wrote a program.

Cassie: A computer program?

Charlie: Yes.

Cassie: Did Dad help you?

Charlie: No.

Cassie: You wrote a computer program by yourself to get onto the Robotics Team?

Charlie: Yup. I had to take matters into my own hand. I figured out what the teacher wanted, what he was looking for, and I wrote a Lego Robotics program to show him that I could figure out how to make a robot do stuff. I emailed him my program. He liked it.

Cassie: I guess so. Charlie, I’m really impressed.

Charlie: Yeah, thanks. I guess I’m gonna be good in life.

Cassie: Yeah. I think it’s guaranteed.

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