Concert Wear

Cassie: Dad will meet us in the driveway after the Ice Cream Social to take you to the ACDC Concert.

Charlie: You mean the Ice Breaker. “Ice Cream Social” is totally elementary school. It’s not called that.

Cassie: Yes the Ice Breaker. That’s what I meant. Is that what you’re wearing to the concert?

Charlie: Yes. It looks awesome.

Cassie: Really? I noticed Dad had on his Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirt this morning.

Charlie: Inappropriate.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Charlie: You don’t insult the rock band who is playing at a concert by wearing the t-shirt of another band.

Cassie: Really? Is that like a thing?

Charlie: It’s called respect.

Cassie: What about your Beatles t-shirt? I mean, it’s the Beatles.

Charlie: Nope.This is what I’m wearing. It’s simple and it doesn’t scream out other band so I can absorb everything ACDC tonight. Have you ever been to a concert, Mom?

Cassie: Do I have to answer this question?

Charlie: No. I already know the answer.

Cassie: I’ve been to SOME concerts.

Charlie: Yeah. Just not a rock concert.

Cassie: Right.

Charlie: Okay. So I think this conversation about concert wear is over.

Cassie: Pffft. Very fresh.

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