Real Sleepovers Pending

Gigi: Just so you know, when I’m in first grade, I’m going to have four real sleepovers.

Cassie: Fine. What’s a “real” sleepover?

Gigi: You know, not just having one in Charlie’s room or Chloe’s room or at the cousins’ house. One with a friend. Probably with A. She’ll always be my bestie.

Cassie: Fine. Why are you telling me this?

Gigi: Because everyone in this house is having a sleepover at a friend’s house and also Chloe got her ears double pierced. I didn’t even get my ears single pierced yet. That’s annoying. You know that?

Cassie: Yes. I know that.

Gigi: Also, because I want you to know now, when I’m six and a half, so you’ll remember that we talked about the REAL sleepovers and then you’ll say yes without doing a “maybe.” You’ll just say, “Yes!” Okay?

Cassie: Got it.

Gigi; Good.

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