The Stuff of Life — The Opera


(The following conversation/opera singing was overheard as I walked back into the house this evening after attending a high school meeting. At first, Chloe didn’t realize I had arrived back home. She thought she was still in charge and she had her stern, teacher voice on. The stern, teacher voice is no match for Charlie The Kid. But you already knew that, didn’t you?)

Chloe: (yelling upstairs to the second floor from where she sits, doing her homework, at the kitchen table): The fooling around has GOT to stop.

Charlie: (with opera voice, from the top of the stairs) Fooling around is the stuff of life.

(Massive giggling from Gigi, who is a great fan of this form of Charlie Entertainment)

Chloe: Just stop it….NOW.

Charlie: (more opera voice) It goes against my nature. And you know my nature—

Chloe (face reddening, but then seeing me): Mom just walked in. So now you HAVE to stop.

Charlie: (the opera continues) Not necessarily. Our mother is a wise woman. She totally gets my nature. This will not be a problem.

Chloe: Oh. My. God. Save me.

Cassie: I’m on it.

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