She’s In a Sunday Mood

(On Sunday mid-afternoon.)

Cassie: That’s the seventh time you’ve played the song, “Let It Go,” Genevieve. I think that’s enough for now, okay? I can hear Charlie The Kid moaning down the hall.

Gigi: Stop saying that! I HAVE to play it. I’m in a Sunday mood.

Cassie: What’s a Sunday mood?

Gigi: It’s all gray and boring and the long minutes never go by. I have to play the song and sing it and get over my mood.

Cassie: How many more times will it take?

Gigi: Probably twenty.

Cassie: (sighing) Fine. Turn it down, though.

Gigi: Nope. It has to be LOUD. Very loud.

(I walk past Charlie, who is pacing and holding his head as if in severe pain.)

Cassie: (shrugging) Hey, I tried.

Charlie: I heard the whole thing. Sunday mood. God help us all.

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