Genevieve Talks to the Doc During her Six-Year-Old Check-Up

First day of Kindergarten GigiI - Sept 4, 2014Doctor: How is school? Are you in Kindergarten or first grade?

Genevieve: I’m in Kindergarten. (Sighing) But I should be in first grade. I’m six! I just had my birthday.

(Oh no. We’re going to have the Kindergarten versus first grade conversation.)

Doctor: I see that. You should be in first grade?

Genevieve: Yea. I’m already six. Don’t you see? The other kids (some are my friends) they’re only five. I’m six. Can you tell the school?

Doctor: (chuckling while she examines) I can see that you are quite grown…certainly six years old.

(I pipe in about birthdays and official school cut-off dates for starting kindergarten. The doctor nods but she’s having a conversation with Genevieve.)

Doctor: Do you have friends in kindergarten?

Genevieve: Of course. I have “besties” but I try to be friends with all the kids. C really misbehaves but he tries. I never get in trouble. I’m very well-behaved.

Doctor: I’m sure of it.

Genevieve: Are there going to be shots today? I can totally handle shots. I’m the best in my family about shots. My Mommy said I would recognize you, but I don’t. Are you new? Are you the newest doctor here?

Cassie: (sighing) Dr. K is one of the three doctors here…who are all always here. She used to take care of you when you were a baby. I told you that.

Genevieve: Mommy, I’m talking to the doctor by myself.

Cassie: Fine.

Doctor: (widely grinning) No shots today. Okay, now, what about your diet? Are you trying lots of vegetables? Did you know that you should have five servings of vegetables a day? What are your favorite foods?

Genevieve: Steak and pizza.

Doctor: I see. What about vegetables?

Genevieve: Those aren’t my favorite.

Doctor: But which ones do you eat?

Genevieve: Peas and broccoli.

Doctor: Excellent. How about salad?

Genevieve: I’m not ready for salad.

Doctor: But you’re six years old.

Genevieve: (mulling it over) True. I might try salad tonight.

Doctor: And if it doesn’t work out. Keep trying it. Sometimes it takes a few tries.
(Moving to a new subject) Do you dress yourself? And pick out your own clothes to wear?

Genevieve: Of course.

Doctor: Of course. Now what about wearing your seat belt?

Genevieve: Yes. That’s a rule. I think it’s the law…my Mom said.

Doctor: That’s correct. And a helmet for biking, sledding, skiing, skateboarding?

Genevieve: Just the biking. I don’t do any of those other things.

Doctor: Well, if you do, you need to wear a helmet, okay? You need to protect that beautiful brain of yours.

Genevieve: I know it.

(The doctor asks me a few questions about this and that.)

Doctor: Now back to Genevieve. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Genevieve: A doctor, of course.

Doctor: I hope you will stay in touch with me when you’re grown and a doctor. You can take care of me when I’m old, if I get sick.

Genevieve: Oh, I’m not going to do old people. I’m going to be a kid doctor.

Doctor: (pretends to be hurt) Oh.

Genevieve: (seriously) Alright. I’ll take care of you too.

Doctor: Phew. (Finishes exam). Any questions you’d like to ask me?

Genevieve: No, except the part about whether you can call the school and make them put me in first grade. Or, you could write the school a letter. Send an email.

Doctor: You’ll go to first grade after you finish Kindergarten. See you in a year! When I see you again, you’ll be in first grade.

Genevieve: But then I should be in second grade! All the years, I’ll be behind…even when I go to high school like my brother, Max.

Doctor: You are quite advanced, Miss Genevieve. (Giving her a hug and a squeeze) It will take you far. Maybe to medical school. You can go get a sticker up front if you want. (To me after Gigi’s gone off in search of a sticker) She’s a doll. What a delight! Good job, Mom. But I hope you’ve warned the first grade teacher what’s coming!

(Ain’t that the truth!)


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