City Girl Stacks Wood

Wood in Ring

Scott: Who stacked the firewood ring?

Cassie: I did.

Scott: You did? Why?

Cassie: Because I’m awesome.

Scott: You are. You’re also a “Farmer Jane.”

Cassie: True. But watch out. I’m a very sophisticated farmer. I can go all “city” on you at a moment’s notice.

Scott: I guess so. (Examining the firewood ring.) How come you didn’t stack the firewood all the way to the top of the ring? There’s… like… a space.

Cassie: (Rapid blinking)

Scott: Just asking.

Cassie: Because. A rather large log slipped from my grasp and crashed onto my foot. It hurt a lot. I got mad at the wood.

Scott: You got mad at the wood?

Cassie: Yes.

Scott: Sounds like “City Girl” won out in the wood stacking project, huh?

Cassie: Pfft.

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