Appointment: The Holiday Card Photo

DSC_0309Cassie: We have to do the Holiday Card Photo.

Scott: Now? I haven’t had coffee. It’s not the kinda thing you do on a Sunday morning.

Max: There are some zits.

Chloe: Hello! I just got braces. We couldn’t have done this last weekend?!

Max: There were some zits last weekend too. I mean there’s no weekend without at least one zit, right?

Cassie: We won’t do closeups on pimples. (To Chloe) Just keep your mouth closed with a hint of smile.

Chloe: Awkward.

Charlie: Don’t you think we should just skip the photo this year? It sounds like there are way too many issues.

Scott: The kid’s right.

Cassie: (to Scott) Be quiet. (To all) We’re doing a holiday picture. End of story.

Genevieve: I’m wearing pajamas.

Cassie: No you’re not. You’re wearing clothes.

Genevieve: Nope.

Cassie: Yes!

Charlie: As you can see, lotsa issues remain. Just send a card. No photo.

Cassie: We’re doing the photo on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I mean it. Mark your calendars. Make sure you have coffee-d up! Solve the zits! Practice smiling with braces! Make sure you have the proper attitude! Pick out appropriate attire! Nothing weird. No pajamas. Got it? We are doing the picture..same as every year. (Stomping out of the kitchen.)

Scott: She has spoken.

Max/Chloe/Charlie/Gigi: Pffft.

Charlie: There are still issues.

Chloe: And braces.

Max: And zits. I mean, how does one “solve” zits? Totally unreasonable.

Scott: Yea, well the photo is happening. Everybody get over it.

Charlie: All I can say is thank God the photo is not today since it’s going to take at least a week for an attitude adjustment.

Scott: Yea, you better keep your stubborn in check, Charlie. The more we cooperate and produce the kind of picture she wants, the quicker we can be done with the whole project. Got it? Everyone?

Max/Chloe/Charlie: (begrudgingly) Yes.

Genevieve: I look beautiful in all my pajamas. I’m wearing pajamas. End of story.

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