Back to School Night


I only made it to the tail-end of Back to School Night at Charlie’s (5th grade) and Genevieve’s (Kindergarten) elementary school since I was rushing back to Montclair from a work trip.

DSC_0088I zoomed to Kindergarten right off the bat, gave the teacher a hug (she’s the hugging type and so am I), saw a bit of kindergarten artwork, then dashed off to learn more about fifth grade. The fifth grade presentation was coming to a close but I was able to join Scott in various post-presentation chats with the fifth grade teachers.

(On Charlie’s talking…)
Teacher #1: I love that Charlie, but listen, does he ever stop talking?

(Cassie: Hahahahaha.
Scott: Dear God. He nailed that.
Cassie: He knows what he’s dealing with.
Scott: And it’s only been a couple of weeks since school started.
Cassie: Exactly. He’s good.)

(On Charlie’s focus and organizational issues…)
Teacher #2: Yes. He’s something else. We’re family here and we’re extremely nurturing. We’ll get him ready, one step at a time, for the rigors of middle school. Don’t you worry. I’m going to get him working with that Daily Organizer if it’s the last thing I do.

(Scott: There’s a Daily Organizer?
Cassie: I’ve got to get inside his backpack and see what the hell is going on in there.)

(On drumming, guitar and connecting with Charlie The Kid)
Teacher #3: You’re Charlie’s Mom? So glad to meet you. He’s a character. He’s fun. We’re going to have a great year.
Cassie: You are?
Teacher #3: Sure we are.
Cassie: So, you know, Charlie’s a real outside-the-box kind of thinker. He does his own thing and he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. He’s different. He’s scattered. He’s talented. He’s smart, but….
Teacher #3: He plays drums and guitar. So do I. My whole life. We’ve talked a lot about it. In fact, we’ve kind of bonded over the music.
Cassie: Oh.
Teacher #3: I’m his math teacher. I just love math.
Cassie: I’m not sure Charlie loves math. He loves life and his friends and telling jokes and being a pseudo rock star.
Teacher #3: I know. You can’t teach all that. Those are some incredible gifts. I’ll have fun watching that, but he’s going to learn some math too. He’s going to have fun learning math with me and you know, I’ve got this.
Cassie: Well, okay then.

(Cassie: I really like that guy.
Scott: He’s very strong. He’s going to be a good teacher for Charlie. I can tell.
Cassie: And he plays drums and guitar. Like Char.
Scott: Super cool.
Cassie: Yep. So I guess we’ll just see how fifth grade is going to go.
Scott: I guess we will.)

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