She’ll Do It Alone

gIgi full of beans
(At breakfast)

Genevieve: Excuse me.

Cassie: Yes?

Genevieve: Are you bringing me to my class tomorrow on the first day of school?

Cassie: Yes. Yes, of course. Daddy and I will bring you to Room 8.

Genevieve: Do you have to?

Cassie: What? You don’t want us to bring you into the school?

Genevieve: No. You can just stay outside. I’ll go in by myself.

Cassie: Oh.

Charlie: (listening to the conversation from the Great Room, then walks into the kitchen) I’ll walk you to your classroom.

Genevieve: Nope. I’m going in by myself. (loudly) Does everybody know that? I’m going alone. I can handle it!

Cassie/Charlie: Pffft.

(Genevieve leaves the kitchen)

Charlie: They grow up quick, huh?

Cassie: Tell me about it.

Charlie: Did you walk ME to the classroom when I went to kindergarten?

Cassie: No. You charged off, ran down the hall, went to the wrong room, hung around there for about five minutes and then the teachers redirected you to the right classroom. It was a whole big thing: Where’s Charlie Bollinger? He’s in the wrong classroom.

Charlie: Hah! How do you know that?

Cassie: The teachers told me. You don’t remember?

Charlie: No. (Pause) Did you walk Max and Chloe to their classrooms when they were little?

Cassie: Yes. They were more reticent about the first day of Kindergarten. A little more shy.

Charlie: Gigi and I are different than the “Olders.”

Cassie: Yes, you are.

Charlie: We’re not afraid of stuff.

Cassie: I know it.

Charlie: That’s a good thing.

Cassie: It is. I am in awe of that, actually.

Charlie: I know.

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