Playgrounds versus Beaches


Gigi: I can’t help it. I keep concentrating on the playground that we went to on some of the days ago.

Cassie: We’ll go there again. But we’re going to the beach right now.

Gigi: I really want to go to the playground. Probably more than the beach.

Cassie: Well, we’re going to the beach.

Gigi: That playground was one of the best playgrounds I ever saw.

Cassie: Really? The beaches on Martha’s Vineyard are some of the best beaches I ever saw.

Gigi: Not really.

Cassie: Yes. Really.

Gigi: I won’t be able to stop the concentration about the playground.

Cassie: Try.

Gigi: I really need to go to that playground again. I didn’t get to try all the things. And it’s the best playground.

Cassie: As you said.

Gigi: I’m not going to one more beach on this Martha’s place until we go to the playground.

Cassie (sighing) Understood.

Gigi: Good.

(Fred, Alice, Dylan: Espresso Love for coffee tomorrow morning, then off to the playground. 10 o’clock?)

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