Spying to Fight Boredom

Gigi Spy 61414Cassie: What are you doing?

Gigi: Spying.

Cassie: Why?

Gigi: There’s a lot of stuff to see.

Cassie: True.

Gigi: Besides, I already played with Max. He won’t play cards or read to me anymore. His tutor is coming. Chloe shut her door and said, “Not now.” And Charlie told me he’s not interested. That’s rude the way he said that. Isn’t that rude how he said that? Mom?

Cassie: A little rude. Yes.

Gigi: You’re just making your bed. (Pause) It’s all boring at our house. I have to spy.

Cassie: Got it.

Gigi: Pretty soon I’ll be bored of spying.

Cassie: (sighing) I know.

Gigi: Then you’ll have to play with me.

Cassie: Yes.

Gigi: For real?

Cassie: For real.

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