Picking the Dress

Gigi: Nope. Not that one.

Cassie: How about this one?

Gigi: No!

Cassie: Gigi! Come on. This one is very pretty.

Gigi: It itches me.

Cassie: Hmmm. (Holds up a pretty number — a very brightly colored sundress with block printing)

Gigi: (shaking her head) It doesn’t make me look like I’m going into kindergarten.

Cassie: What?

Gigi: It can’t look like pre-school.

Cassie: Ahh. Let’s just go with the one you wore to Chloe’s award ceremony. Okay?

Gigi: No way! I can’t wear the same dress again!

Cassie: (sighing) Gigi!

Gigi: I’m serious! (Pause) Why do we have to pick it now?

Cassie: Because I want to have a plan and not have to figure it out and fight about it five minutes before we go out the door to Chloe’s graduation. And then we’ll be late…and we’ll have to rush…and find parking….(Pause) How about this? This was Chloe’s dress. She wore it when she was six.

Gigi: When she was six?

Cassie: Yes.

Gigi: How do you know?

Cassie: I remember stuff like that. I remember all of Chloe’s outfits and when she wore them. She was quite the fashionista.

Gigi: Yes. I like it. I’ll wear that dress.

(Please, God…let this decision hold.)

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