Career Advice

Cassie: (calling upstairs to his attic bedroom) Max?!

Max: Yea?

Cassie: I was thinking that you could be one of those military physicians or surgeons…ya know the doctor that the President goes to…a military doc.

Max: What?

Cassie: A military doctor…since you’re thinking all Navy Seal and stuff….get your medical training in the military….

Max: Mom! So random. Why are we talking about this? This is not the time for career advice.

Cassie: Why not?

Max: Because you are yelling up the stairs. And I’m about to take a nap.

Cassie: I think getting your medical degree through the military is the way to go.

Max: (silence)

Cassie: A nap? You’re taking a nap?

Max: Yes.

Cassie: It’s almost two o’clock.

Max: I know. I’m exhausted.

Cassie: But you only woke up at eleven o’clock!

Max: I know. I did math and chem with the tutor for like ninety minutes. I gotta rest.

(Military? No way….right?)

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