Mother’s Day Interlude #1

6:10 am

Gigi: (walks into our bedroom) Wahhhhh!

Cassie: What?! What is it?

Gigi: It’s awful! I have pink eye. Look! I can’t have pink eye on Mother’s Day. (Gigi peers down into my face, putting her puffy pink-rimmed eyes close to mine as I try to focus on and assess her eyeballs. Then she sneezes all over my face.)

Cassie: Genevieve!

Gigi: Sorry!

Cassie: It’s not pink-eye. It’s just your allergies.

Gigi: Oh. Are you sure?

Cassie: Yes. Now go back to bed. It’s too early.

Gigi: Too early for the Mother’s Day celebration?

Cassie: Yes. Please.

(Gigi leaves.)

Scott: (mumbling from his pillow) What was that? She has pink eye?

Cassie: Just allergies. I think. I may have pink eye.

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