I’ll Be Playing Some Johnny Cash Now

(In the car with Charlie The Kid and Genevieve)

Gigi: What is that music?!

Cassie: It’s Johnny Cash.

Gigi: Why is that music on?! Why do you have this on? Mom?! Ahhh. What happened?!

Charlie: She went to Nashville. That’s what happened.

Gigi: I can’t take it. Put the Bruno Mars back on!

Cassie: I thought you didn’t like Bruno Mars, Gigi.

Gigi: That’s cool music. This is not cool.

Cassie: Listen to his voice, though. Isn’t it amazing? He has great range. His low gravelly voice….it just sounds so good.

Charlie: Oh my God. Unbelievable. Does Dad know?

Cassie: Does Dad know what?

Charlie: That you’ve become country?

Cassie: I haven’t become country. I just thought I’d like to hear some Johnny Cash. Gee whiz….

Charlie: Wouldn’t want to be in the car when Dad hears THOSE sounds coming out of the speakers. (Pause) On second thought, that actually might be fun to witness. I hope I am there to see that. He’ll curse for sure. He’ll say, “What is this sh–”

Cassie: Alright. Alright.

Charlie: Then we’ll discuss what happened to you in Nashville.

Cassie: Nothing happened in Nashville!

Gigi: Just put the Bruno Mars back in!

Charlie: Say, you got any Beatles?

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