Lacrosse Training Update from Oldest Son

Cassie: So how was the first official lacrosse practice at Montclair High School?

Max: About seven people puked.

Cassie: Did you?

Max: Almost.

Cassie: Why was there so much puking?

Max: Intense conditioning in a hot room.

Cassie: Oh. My. God. So massive teenage boy B.O. plus vomit smells?! I don’t even want to hear about it.

Max: Well you just did. Hear about it. And anyway you asked.

Cassie: I hate lacrosse training.

Max: I love it.

Cassie: Totally weird.

Max: Well…what you did to your feet in toe shoes? Pretty freakish.

Chloe: Do all the sports practices have barfing?

Cassie: Mostly.

Max: It only happens if you haven’t conditioned and trained well.

Chloe: Well, I’m not going to be able to do sports in high school then. I have a problem with people puking all around me.

Max: (sighing) We know.

Chloe: (musing) Maybe swimming.

Max: Oh there’s barf in swimming…and it’s in the pool. It’s bad.

Scott: This conversation….why?

Max: It’s Mom. She started it.

Scott/Max/Chloe: Pffft.

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