Book It

HaircutGSaratoga2013Gigi: Mommy, I want that haircut again.

Cassie: Like the one you had last time?

Gigi: Actually the one from California. But maybe shorter. Can you book it? Like today?

Cassie: Book it?

Gigi: Yea. I need that haircut today.

Cassie: That’s a weekend thing. And we won’t be going to California for the haircut. We’ll go to the place in Montclair, where I go for my haircuts.

Gigi: Oh. (Pause) How many days until the weekend?

Cassie: Three.

Gigi: Oh. But you can book it NOW so the haircut’s all ready for the weekend, right? You gotta book it now.

Cassie: Yes, Gigi. I’ll try to get an appointment for this weekend.

Gigi: Yea. Good. Book it.


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