The Upcoming “How To” Presentation

DSC_0125Here’s the set-up: Charlie has a “How To” presentation tomorrow in his Language Arts class. The topic he chose was “How To Train a Dog to Sit.” Charlie’s presentation begins at 1:30 pm. At 1:25 pm, Scott is to bring the more trained dog of our household (Simone, the bull dog) to Charlie’s school (across the street from our house) on a leash with a container of treats in hand, ready to present.

The principal of Charlie’s school used to own bulldogs while growing up. She LOVES Simone (or pretends to). Scott has to check in at the main office of the school, where the principal is located, before going to the classroom for the presentation. I’m pretty sure there will be a near-riot in the school office and hallways when Scott and Simone hit the scene.

I have an in-person software demo for work tomorrow locally, in Montclair, at 11:00 am. I’m hoping I can get home in plenty of time to spy briefly with my camera on the spectacular “How To” show.

I’m pretty sure Scott should bathe Simone in some intensely perfumed lather this evening so she is most prepared for her performance…and so that her body odor doesn’t cause a child to keel over during the presentation. Charlie has assured me that absolutely no one in the classroom, the whole school, actually, is afraid of dogs. Oh, really?! This will be great material for…don’t you agree? Please stay tuned.

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