Shirt Shop with Fifteen-Year-Old or Sweet Sixteen Discussion #2

Scott: Two stores. Three shirts for me. Two shirts for him. Half-off sale at both places. Whole thing…less than hour.

Cassie: Show-off.

Scott: I’m good. I’m really good.

Cassie: These are nice shirts. I’m impressed.

Scott: I hate shopping but I’m swift and focused. I’m just good. Max and I are an excellent team.

Cassie: Yea, yea, yea. Did you get the girl a gift?

Scott: What girl? A gift?

Cassie: The girl…for the sweet sixteen party.

Scott: I didn’t know about a sweet sixteen party. No one told me about a sweet sixteen party.

Cassie: Jesus…that was the whole reason for the dress shirt…for Max…so he’d look good for the sweet sixteen birthday party at some fancy restaurant. I’m pretty sure I told you. Max didn’t tell you?

Scott: No.

Cassie: Now we still have to get the gift.

Scott: I’m pretty sure I did my part with the awesome shirt shop. That boy never said anything about roaming the mall halls for a girl gift.

Cassie: Yea. Probably because he doesn’t have any idea about what to get her. What ARE we going to get her?

Scott: I have no idea. I don’t do girl gifts. Is this his girl friend?

Cassie: I asked that. Apparently not.

Scott: Is this going to detract from the awesomeness and complete success of our shirt outing?

Cassie: Maybe. A little bit.

Scott: Dammit. When’s the party?

Cassie: (sighing) This weekend.

Scott: Well, I feel strongly that my part of the task is done. I can’t do sweet sixteen shopping. I think that’s a bit much to ask.

Cassie: Yep. I get it.

Scott: I’m still good though. I’m still awesome at shirts.

Cassie: Yep. The best.

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