It’s Possible…


Cassie: You know, it could come to pass that one of your guy friends will start to like Chloe.

Max: Why would you think this is something we should discuss, huh? Why do you do this to me? Every time….

Cassie: Because I want you to be prepared to handle it like a man, like a kind older brother. If something like that should happen. You need to watch over her.

Max: The whole idea makes me want to vomit.

Cassie: Maxwell…she’s your sister. To a friend, she’s a beautiful girl. She IS quite beautiful, you know. And, as you hate to be reminded, extremely smart.

Max: Oh. My. God. Out of the blue, I get this lecture. How does it pop into your head and come forth…this reprimand?

Cassie: It’s not a reprimand…These are my thoughts…I am a mother.

Max: If she’s so smart, she can watch over herself.

Cassie: In a family, we watch over each other.

Max: I’m so ready for college.

Cassie: Not quite yet. But almost.

Max: Pffft. I need to be away. On my own.

Cassie: Away from sisters…and mothers?

Max: Yes. From the whole scene here.

Cassie: The food won’t be as good…when you are away.

Max: True. I’ll miss the dogs. I won’t miss the lectures.

Cassie: Conversations.

Max: One-sided discussions.

Cassie: A mother’s musings.

Max: Whatever. (Pause) I won’t miss that.

Cassie: You might… at some point, later in your life.

Max: Nah. I’ll miss the dogs.

Cassie: I know. You will.

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