new Yamaha keyboard

Cassie (aka Charlie Brown): It’s still Christmas!

Charlie (aka Lucy): Oh Mom. Get real.

Cassie: It is!

Charlie: No it’s not. The packages, the fanfare, the festivity….done. Until next year.

Cassie: That’s so glum. How dour of you.

Charlie: Dour?

Cassie: You know gloomy…depressing….

Charlie: Not really. I’m a realist, Mom. I don’t live in a Christmas fantasy. Christmas is finito and now we can proceed to the next holiday event…Valentine’s Day…which is a pain if you ask me. I don’t want to have to write all those cards for school. (Pause) But I DO like getting them….

Cassie: I DO NOT live in a Christmas fantasy. There are whole Christmas songs about keeping the Christmas spirit alive throughout the ENTIRE year.

Charlie: Not going to happen. And you know it. (Pause) It’s time to take the Christmas tree down.

Cassie: Not until Saturday…or maybe Sunday. It makes me so sad. The Christmas tree is my favorite part.

Charlie: Oh God. Will you cry?

Cassie: No. But it IS sad.

Charlie: You were one of those kids who didn’t know the whole deal about Santa until you were, like, kinda older, weren’t you?

Cassie: Maybe. (Pause) It always made my heart hurt that YOU grasped the situation at the tender age of five…or four, or however young you were. I can’t even remember.

Charlie: It never bothered me. I like to know stuff…the facts…the truth. Come on, it wasn’t too hard to put it all together. It’s common sense that it’s not physically possible…

Cassie: (sighing) Whatever…I might have to play Christmas music just a little bit more this weekend…to ease my sorrow. You know?

Charlie: Oh brother…I’ll warn Max. He’s gonna have a cow.

Cassie: Probably.

Charlie: Embrace reality , Mom. Christmas is over. It’s a new year! And life is good.

Cassie: Okay.

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