The Conversation that Never Ends

Gigi2Fall2013We have this conversation repeatedly…

Gigi: I’m ready for kindergarten…like, right now.

Cassie: I know. We’ve already had this discussion.

Gigi: I’m making sure you don’t forget.

Cassie: I won’t forget, but I’ve told you over and over again that there’s nothing I can do about it.

Gigi: Who made the mistake that I couldn’t go to kindergarten this year?

Cassie: No one made a mistake. It’s the rule…because of when your birthday falls. Besides, you love Parkside Montessori Nursery School.

Gigi: Yes, but….

Cassie: You’ll go to Kindergarten next year. Okay?

Gigi: But when I go to kindergarten…then that’s going to be a mistake.

Cassie: Why?

Gigi: Because then I should be going to FIRST grade. You shoulda fixed it THIS year. That’s a BAD mistake, Mom.

(Jesus, Lord and all that.)

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