Charlie The Kid’s Teachers Conference

Cassie: How’s it going for all of you with Charlie The Kid this year?

Teacher #1: He’s got a sense of humor. I’ll tell you that!

Teacher #2: He’s so charming.

Teacher #3: There was some trouble at the beginning of the school year.

Teacher #4: He’s a talker. He’s a real talker.

Teacher #2: Yep. But I agree. His talking was more pronounced at the beginning of the year. Like it was all part of his transition into fourth grade.

Cassie: And moving back from California.

Teacher #3: Actually, I don’t think there was much of a transition concerning the move. He seemed very comfortable being back. Like, he was right back in his element.

Teacher #1: He pretty much owns the school…or presents himself as such.

Cassie: Oh no.

Teacher #1: Not in a bad way. He’s extremely confident. No trouble giving presentations in front of the class.

Cassie: Oh. That’s good.

Teacher #4: He can get really silly. I can handle it, though…if I’m not laughing myself.

Cassie: Yea. I know how that goes.

Teacher #3: He’s definitely become more engaged with the class discussions, with whatever is the subject at hand. He used to read his book if he lost interest.

Cassie: Oh brother.

Teacher #3: It wasn’t rude exactly, but….

Cassie: Pffft.

Teacher #2: Yea…he still does that sometimes in my class….but not as much now. We’ve got his attention more now.

Teacher #1: There have been some missed home work assignments.

Cassie: Oh yea? Tell me. He’ll be doing those for sure.

Teacher #2: (chuckling) Oh boy.

Teacher #4: Yea. I have some missed assignments too. He told me he didn’t feel like doing them…and then gave me some funny zinger of a joke.

Cassie: He sweet-talked you?

Teacher #4: (sheepishly) Yes.

Cassie: Okay. So on the whole, we’re good? No trips to the principal’s office? Nothing seriously bad?

Teacher #4: Oh no. I have to tell you, my favorite thing every day is to watch your youngest daughter run into Charlie’s arms at dismissal. Her adorable self in her pink fluffy coat running toward him. And I see a different side of Charlie….so loving… that I wouldn’t see if I weren’t there every day at dismissal. He has such heart, that boy.

Teacher #1 He does. The kid’s a winner.

Cassie: I know it!

Teacher #4: We’re so glad you moved back. More Bollinger kids. I love it!

Cassie: Thanks!

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