Vicious Radiator Noises

At six o’clock this morning, Charlie is suddenly by my side of Scott’s and my bed.

Cassie: What?! What’s the matter? Are you sick?

Charlie: No. I’m frightened.

Cassie: Bad dreams?

Charlie: (with a strained voice on the verge of tears) There’s a hissing and clanking in my room. A monster.

Cassie: You’re having a bad dream.

Scott: (From the depths of his pillow) It’s the radiator.

Cassie: Yea, yea, Charlie. It’s just the radiator.

Charlie: I need it to stop.

Scott: (still muffled) Those are the happy sounds of heat. Go back to bed. Now.

Charlie: No. It sounds vicious and I think I’ll be sleeping with you for a spell.

Cassie: For a spell. That’s cute.

Scott: Nope, nope, nope. Back to your own bed, buster.

Charlie: But….(some whimpering)

Cassie: I’ll come snuggle you… for a spell. Okay?

(Back in Charlie’s bed.)

Cassie: Is that better? Listen the clanking’s already quieting down.

Charlie: Hmmm. But I’m totally worried about tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a long winter.

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