Project Cape May and the Star Assistant

Char Cape May projectScott: I was wondering why this labeling part of the project is happening ten minutes before we need to go to school and why it didn’t happen last night.

Charlie: What?! At midnight?

Scott: Ummm….

Charlie: This is how the timing worked out. I’m rolling with it. Why can’t you?

Cassie: Yea, Dad. Why can’t you roll with it?

Scott: Be quiet.

Charlie: Done. Let’s get this thing out the door.

Scott: Wait! Have you brushed your teeth? Number one rule before a presentation…make sure you have fresh breath.

Charlie: True. I’ll brush…then out the door. Dad, will you carry it for me?

Scott: Of course. Hurry up.

Charlie: Thanks, Dad!

Cassie: What about me? Thanks…Mom?

Charlie: Nah. Dad sawed the wood and stuff.

Cassie: But I helped you with the oral presentation and the index cards…and all those important things.

Charlie: Yea…but Dad sawed the wood.

Scott: I can’t help it if I’m the star this time, hon. I’m that good. (Pause) Better luck next time, ya know?

Cassie: Pffft.

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