Outside the Box

Charlie: Great news!

Cassie: What?!

Charlie: Ms. H is now my new favorite teacher.

Cassie: Really? What happened?

Charlie: She’s totally thinking outside the box.

Cassie: “Thinking Outside the Box”…you know that term?

Charlie: Of course I do. I LIVE outside the box, Mom, so I know it when I see it.

Cassie: True.. So what did she do that was so unique and cool?

Charlie: For our historical district project in Social Studies she’s letting us create our historical place on Minecraft! This is just so fantastic.

Cassie: Oh my God. That’s great, Charlie! Your favorite thing.

Charlie: I know. Can you believe it? No one knows just how great our project is going to be…except the members on my team.

Cassie: You have a team?

Charlie: Yea. It’s going to be so cool. We have big plans. We’re in the start-up phase, you know like a company, with our plans. When we project into the future…to the final phase of the project…well, it’s going to be big. That’s all I can say. Really big. I love my life!


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