Square Dancing


Charlie: We did square dancing in school today. Can you believe it?

Cassie: I take it from your tone that you didn’t think much of it.

Charlie: It wasn’t as bad as I expected.

Cassie: Really? What class did you do this in?

Charlie: Social Studies.

Cassie: I wouldn’t have guessed that.

Charlie: Yeah. Well…it’s the NJ state dance or something.

Cassie: So who was your dance partner?

Charlie: Partners switch every few seconds so that, at least, made it more interesting. Like with ballroom dancing, you’re stuck with the same dance partner the whole time. If they have bad breath, you’re really dead. The annoying part was the caller’s voice. (Mimics caller’s voice) That’s right, folks, now you do-si-do.

Cassie: I remember square dancing….and the whole do-si-do thing…but we did it in gym class.

Charlie: Hmmm.

Cassie: Well, I’m impressed that you did it and didn’t put up a big stink.

Charlie: I wore my leather jacket to keep my style.

Cassie: Definitely cool.

Charlie: Until I got too hot. In school you don’t really have a choice. They tell you that you have to do square dancing, then you have to do it.

Cassie: True. But it was probably better to actually do the square dancing than read about it in a text book.

Charlie: Yes. And I found out that there are some girls in my class who look even cuter when they are square dancing.


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