On the Subject of Boyfriends

Chloe: What’s the point of having a boyfriend in middle school or high school….or college even?

Cassie: I don’t know. People fall in love when they fall in love.

Chloe: How are you even old enough to know what love is, though?

Cassie: It’s probably a common occurrence that people mix up being in love with someone and being attracted to someone.

Chloe: But if you think you’re in love, then you get all distracted and you can’t concentrate on your homework. It’s better for everyone to just be friends.

Cassie: Probably.

Chloe: It just leads to heartbreak. One person goes to one college; the other person to a completely different school far away. And so, once again, no one can concentrate on their work because of LOVE. Sounds like a total mess for your life.

Cassie: I guess everyone has different timing. You can’t always control the timing…or feelings.

Chloe: Did you have boyfriends in high school and college?

Cassie: High school…no. In high school I just had crushes…on guys who were way out of the realm of possibility. In college, I had a few boyfriends, yes. They got me ready for the real deal with Dad.

Chloe: And if you had met Dad in high school? That would have messed up the whole thing. See? Everyone just needs to control their hormones and stuff until they’re done with all the school.

Cassie: Okay.

Chloe: Okay.

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