Date Night Fall 2013

Date Night 2Cassie: You still awake? Huh, are you awake?

Scott: Yea. I’m still awake.

Cassie: Are you still awake now? Huh? Scott?

Scott: What?!

Cassie: Are you still awake?

Scott: No. Now I’m sleeping.

Cassie: But it’s only been thirty seconds since I asked you the last time about whether you were awake or not.

Scott: I know.

Cassie: You missed the whole important part of the movie. You totally missed it. Want me to tell you what happened?

Scott: No. I heard it. Even if my eyes are closed, I enjoy listening to the story. It’s good to listen to the movie.

Cassie: You’re listening to the movie?

Scott: Right now I’m listening to you, but if you would be quiet for a bit, I’ll listen to the movie.

Cassie: Pffft.

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