Just Three for the Bollinger Brunch

While eating a French toast with sausage breakfast late this morning, just Max (the fifteen-year-old), Scott and I since the other three kids were still at Grandma and Grandpa’s after a sleepover in Edgewater last night:

Max: This is nice. Good food and peace. Do you think the others could stay away for another day or two? I’m feeling so very peaceful without them here.

Cassie: No. (Pause) Does this bring you back to those times long ago when you were the only child?

Max: Can’t remember that.

Scott: Me either. Why did we have so many kids?

Max: Exactly.

Cassie: You guys!

Max: Let’s just enjoy the moment while it lasts. Look, everyone can read the paper and just sit here quietly.

Scott: Yea.

Cassie: I guess.

Max: Shhh.

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