It’s About the Costume


Yesterday, Genevieve and I went on a Saturday tour to three different ballet schools in the area….

Cassie: Which school did you like the best, Genevieve?

Genevieve: I can’t decide. Which one will have the best costumes?

Cassie: You mean for a recital or something?

Genevieve: Yes.

Cassie: I have no idea. There’s that one school where they don’t do recitals, just a Parent Observation Day…in the studio.

Genevieve: There’s no show with a costume on a stage?

Cassie: No.

Genevieve: Well I’m definitely not going to that school.

Cassie: It’s not about the costume, Gigi. It’s about learning how to dance.

Genevieve: No. It’s about the costume.

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