Green Beans

Charlie wrote a poem about green beans and in his piece demonstrated his understanding of metaphor and simile. In addition to likening a green bean to a garbage dumpster as well as a smoothie drink made of cockroaches and cicadas, the smell of green beans was compared to his mother’s bad coffee breath.

The teacher told me that the poem was a huge hit with his class mates and it had many parents laughing out loud this evening at Back to School Night.

Overheard before I’d completely made my way up to the bulletin board to read some of the metaphor/simile poems:
Parent #1: Did you see the one about green beans?
Parent #2: Yea funny. Charlie Bollinger’s a hoot. “A cockroach and cicada smoothie….” That’s good.
Parent #1: I hate green beans too.
Parent #3: The mother must have really bad coffee breath if it smells like green beans. Oh God…is she here?
Parent #2: Cassie Bollinger. She’s right behind you. Don’t worry she can take it. I don’t think Charlie really rattles her cage. She’s kind of immune.
Cassie: What? He said something about me in his poem?
Parent #2: About your bad breath and green beans.
Cassie: Oh God.
Parent #2: It’s pretty funny.
Cassie: Oh God.

(I’ll be sure to post the poem in its entirety when it makes its way home in Charlie Boy’s backpack.)

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