First Day of School Chats

Chloe: My hair looked good and my outfit was good until it got a little too hot, which reminded me of California…when you’re cold in the morning but then you get hot by mid-day.

Cassie: Awww….did you miss California too much?

Chloe: Not too bad. One of my old friends – she’s in a lot of my classes – is so witty. I forgot just how funny-smart she is. Like, she’s Jersey smart and wise in a crack-me-up way. I’m back home, Mom. The school feels like home.

Cassie: How was Montclair High School, Max?

Max: Good.

Cassie: That’s it?

Max: Yup. Not in the mood.

Cassie: Fine. More later?

Max: Maybe by the weekend.

Gigi: Is it okay that even though I missed you all day, I had soooo much fun and I drew a picture of you and I didn’t bring it home yet because it still has to dry and I also drawed one of Dad but it has to dry too and I made a lot of new friends and I can’t remember all their names except for Keira and also there was a girl who was my playground partner and she had long black hair that was very straight and silky looking and I can remember almost all the teachers names especially Miss Gingi because her name begins with a “G” like my name?

Cassie: Yes, Gigi. It all sounds wonderful. I can picture it in my mind. Thanks for telling me all the details about your day!

Gigi: You’re welcome!


Charlie: I could tell that everyone was glad to have me back.

Cassie: Charlie, the Dude… back from California.

Charlie: Exactly. Coolness is back.

Cassie: Were there some rules established immediately about talking?

Charlie: Yup. There’s one strict teacher in the bunch. Two nice. One strict. We circulate to three different teachers, you know.

Cassie: Yea, I know. So, at least you know right off the bat how things are going to go in that strict teacher’s class, right?

Charlie: Ummmm….right.

Cassie: What? Did you already get in trouble with the strict one?

Charlie: Not really. Let’s just say that she and I have established that I have to keep my coolness to a quiet hum when I’m in her room. Her aura can’t handle my cool.

Cassie: The first day?! You already got a talking to on the first day?

Charlie: Now I know what her threshold is. It’s low, Mom. Very low.

Cassie: Oh. My. God. Is there a note?

Charlie: No, no, no. It didn’t come to that. Don’t worry…I usually learn stuff anyway.

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