The “Old Man” Discusses “Frightness”

The “Old Man” Discusses “Frightness”

It’s Halloween Catalog time again…..

While perusing a few catalogs this morning, this conversation between Charlie and Genevieve:

Genevieve: I think we should bring the Halloween spirit down right now. There’s too much “frightness” on all the pages. (She gives an exaggerated shiver.)

Charlie: “Frightness?” That’s the whole point of Halloween. Don’t you get it, Gigi?!

Genevieve: The whole point is to look beautiful like a princess.

Charlie: Not really. The whole point is definitely “Frightness.” (Pause and then, with great condescension) You are still so young.

Genevieve: No, I’m not.

Charlie: You are. You’ll know you are older when you want to be a scary princess, like a vampire princess or something, for Halloween. Instead of one of these cutesy, fluffy pink princesses.

Genevieve: Pffft. (The four-year-old storms out of the great room and heads for the upstairs, as furious as can be.)

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