ImageAfter forcing the children to leave the great room so she can fluff up the couch pillows and realign tables and rugs and then take some photographs, the kids stand back in their pajamas (yes, they are still wearing their pajamas) and watch the mother while many an eyeball rolls.

Max: Oh. My. God.

Chloe: So this isn’t reality. What you’re doing, Mom. If it were reality, you’d photograph us in the messy room.

Max: Button it. Think what you’re saying, butt-brain. Do you want to be photographed right now? If you saw what you looked like, I’d think not.

Charlie: She’s staging. Mom does this all the time. It’s a total Face Book/Instagram thing. She has a real problem.

Cassie: (putting away her camera phone) I’m all done. Okay, you can go sit down again and watch television or whatever.

(But the children have all left the area, far too disgusted by their mother’s obsession with capturing the unrealistic and staged “clean” state of the room. The mother knows that she can look at this photograph, though, at any point in the future, when the room is a shambles. The mother is certain that the picture will bring her peace so she will not have to yell at the children because of their messy ways. Instead, she can turn to the picture and think to herself, “How neat and clean and good this room can look.” The photograph will bring a moment’s peace during these glorious but crazy and messy times of life with so many beloved children in the house.)

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