The Game Has Changed

Charlie: Did Grandma BJ make all your meals and cook for you while you were visiting them?

Cassie: Yes. I didn’t cook or prepare any food whatsoever.

Charlie: I thought so.

Cassie: What’s that supposed to mean?

Charlie: You’re out of practice and you need to get back to the top of your game with your cooking.

Cassie: I see. I just made you toast and hard boiled eggs. Not that hard. What was wrong with it?

Charlie: Well since you asked…the toast wasn’t buttered very well. It wasn’t dripping and seeping like I like it. Also, there were some bits of egg shells that were still stuck to my eggs, which kind of ruined the whole thing. You didn’t really make it like you cared.

Cassie: Pffft.

Charlie: Sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

Cassie: Well, I’m going back to work in a coupla weeks so you can use this week as an opportunity to practice some of your food preparation skills. That way, you can fend for yourself doing snacks and such once school has started. The game has changed, my friend. The game has changed.

Charlie: Pffft.

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