A Dude’s Lifestyle

DSC_0296I’m loathe to admit it but there’s been some severe slovenly behavior over the past few weeks at Chez Bollinger. On the weekends, especially, we’ve been waking up close to noon, skipping lunch because we only just ate breakfast, not getting around to dinner until close to eight o’clock in the evening because one or the other of the adults has gotten into some project like unpacking another box from the move or painting a room with a fresh coat of green, and then, going to bed at God knows what hour so that the whole late cycle begins again.

This conversation was overheard between Charlie and a new found buddy from up the street while we were out at the parking lot by the playground, across the street from our house:

Friend: I have to go in. It’s starting to get dark. (sighing) I’ll be going to bed soon.

Charlie: Already?! Dude!

Friend: I know. (rolling his eyes) Why, what time do you go to bed? Ten o’clock or something?

Charlie: (proudly) Or later. I don’t even know exactly when.

Friend: So lucky.

Charlie: I know. Sorry, dude, that you have so much structure in your life.

Friend: Yeah. Well, see you tomorrow. (He loads his body up onto his scooter and starts to roll out of the school parking lot.)

Charlie: (calling after the friend) I won’t be out until around noon though, okay? Cuz I always sleep late on Sunday and stay in my pajamas, relaxing, for like half the day!

Friend:(shouting back as he scoots away) Shut up! So lucky.

Charlie: (giggling, then under his breath) I love my life.

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