Your Inner Jersey

Soon after our move back to Montclair, NJ…

Cassie: What are you guys watching?

Chloe: “Cake Boss.”

Cassie: What? Really?! Do you have to?

Charlie: Come on, Mom. We’re getting our inner Jersey back.

Cassie: Pffft.

(I leave the great room and head for the kitchen, but from there I can clearly hear the rest of the kids’ conversation.)

Charlie: Is that even a word? The “Pffft” thing?

Chloe: No. It’s just a sound that erupts from her mouth.

Charlie: Daily.

Chloe: Exactly.

Charlie: Actually, it’s a Jersey sound….pffft…when you think about it.

Chloe: Hmmm….I’ve heard YOU say it a million times.

Charlie: What do ya think? I learned it from her! (Pause.) So I guess her inner Jersey’s coming back.

Chloe: It never really left.

Charlie: True. Pffft…..

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