Not Proud of the Peacock


Cassie: Oh my gosh! I love the colors on this one.

Charlie: More “Mom Decorating with Kid Art,” huh?

Cassie: Yes indeed. I just love it. Gonna keep this on the mantel for now. 

Charlie: Again….total bore.

Cassie: It wasn’t your own inspiration?

Charlie: No, it wasn’t. All prescribed by the teacher. We just cut out the feathers and stuck them on the paper. Art for babies.

Cassie: Did you choose the colors?

Charlie: I can’t remember. It was at the beginning of the school year.

Cassie: Well….I think it’s glorious. Probably have to put it somewhere up front and center back in the Jersey house.

Charlie: (mumbling) If you like “paint by number” kind of art….

Cassie: What?

Charlie: Nothing.

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