Charlie’s Lion


Cassie: I love this piece, Charlie.

Charlie: Yea? It was kinda stupid. Not very original. The art teacher gave us the lion shape – it was already outlined – and then we had to draw the line patterns and color it the way we wanted. I don’t know why we couldn’t just draw our own lions.

Cassie: Lions can be tough to draw for a lot of artists, you know? The colors are great.

Charlie: Pffft. Whatever.

Cassie: I see a Venus Flytrap. Did you draw that…on your own?

Charlie: Yea. The only awesome part about the picture.

Cassie: Do they even have Venus Flytrap plants in areas where lions live?

Charlie: Who cares?! Sheesh! The Venus Flytrap makes the piece more my own. Don’t you get it?

Cassie: Got it.

Charlie: Good.

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