Chill Pill at the Playground


Charlie: Open mouth. Insert “Chill Pill.”

Cassie: Very funny and very fresh.

Charlie: You need to be reminded to chill before we step foot on the playground.

Cassie: I’ve had bad experiences on the playground. Someone always gets hurt.

Charlie: That was Max…once…a long time ago. You should be over that by now.

Cassie: The memories still linger.

Charlie: Of when he broke his wrist and it was in the shape of a “C?”

Cassie: Exactly. Thanks for the image.

Charlie: And Helen had to tell you to get a grip because you were so freaked when you saw his bones all twisted?

Cassie: Yep.

Charlie: And you were pregnant with me?

Cassie: Yes. You were there…within the drama of it all….in a way. Typical you.

Charlie: Pffft. Well, that was then. This is now. I’m like an agile monkey climbing on these things. Watch and learn how it’s done.

Cassie: YOU got a concussion once.

Charlie: A MILD concussion and that was in gym class….NOT on the playground. It wasn’t my fault, anyway. I tripped on someone’s foot.

Cassie: It’s never anyone’s fault. It’s usually an accident.

Charlie: You can’t control everything all the time, you know that Mom? You can’t be a control freak.

Cassie: I know it, but I can’t help it. A lot of Moms I know are controlling. Some of my best friends….

Charlie: Pffft.

Cassie: Moms everywhere are anxious about their kids getting hurt. It’s the “Universal Mom Angst.”

Charlie: I’m bound to get hurt again one of these days. That’s life.

Cassie: I know it. I fear for that day. I really do, Charlie.

Charlie: You’ve got to get a grip. Like Helen said that time with Max. It’s no way to live.

Cassie: I know, but it’s how a lot of mothers live.

Charlie: I’m so glad I’m a boy, like, really glad.

Cassie: Some fathers are nervous about accidents and injuries too.

Charlie: Not really. For instance, coming to the playground with Dad is a totally different experience. We just risk it…and Dad lets us. It’s more fun.

Cassie: (sighing) I don’t think I can be that way at a playground. Sorry.

Charlie: (sighing too) It’s okay. You are who you are, Mom. You are who you are.

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