Genevieve Prefers to Drip-Dry

Cassie: G, what are you doing?

Genevieve: Drip-dry.

Cassie: Dry yourself off with the towel.

Genevieve: It’s the worst part of the bath. I hate the drying. I hate this big towel. I’m gonna drip and let the air dry me, okay? That’s how I do it every time when I’m in charge of my own bath.

Cassie: Well, you’re going to have to stand there for a long time…to get dry, you know.

Genevieve: I don’t mind.

Cassie: Or you could just dry yourself off…with the towel.

Genevieve: No! Do I have to repeat the whole thing?! I’M GONNA DRIP!!!!

(She’s gonna drip. Sheesh!)

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