Streamlining For The Move Back

Yesterday, late afternoon…

Cassie: What are all these different piles?

Max: That’s stuff to throw out, that pile’s for a box to go in the attic – stuff I want to keep but not in my room – and then that pile is stuff to give to Charlie.

Cassie: Really getting rid of a lot of stuff, huh?

Max: Too many knick-knacks. Time to streamline.

Cassie: A huge portion of the stuff seems to be in this abundant pile for Charlie.

Max: What?! He’s gonna love that crap. Like the bird call kit. Who gave me that? 

Cassie: I don’t know. Santa. Or Grandma and Grandpa.

Max: Well, it’s important to keep some of the history in the family.

Cassie: Streamlining or keeping. It’s a fine line, isn’t it?

Max: Yea. It can really screw with your brain.

Cassie: Tell me about it.

Today, just past noon….

Cassie: Charlie and Genevieve have been out on the deck for almost an hour doing a bird call/bird hunt.

Max: I knew he’d like that kit. I’m right about a lot of things.

Cassie: You are indeed.

Max: Pffft. I know it.

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