Goodbyes Are Tough

Last night at bed…after a week of multiple play dates with many buddies from school….

Cassie: Well today certainly was a whirlwind. Your behavior was less than I had hoped for.

Charlie: Yea. I know it. The play date didn’t work out the way I’d hoped.

Cassie: Expectations are often hard to meet.

Charlie: I wasn’t EXPECTING that we’d play Twister! That was really off track! Pffft.

Cassie: Well, Charlie. You got very fired up more than once about the video games and your tone of voice with me…a lot of the time…was completely unacceptable.

Charlie: That’s why the Twister came out? As punishment?

Cassie: Actually, that was N’s idea and ’twas a very good one, I thought.

Charlie: Oh brother, Mom… ‘Twas….ridiculous. I almost broke my collarbone playing that.

Cassie: Hmmm…. What about how you talked to me?

Charlie: I was frantic and full of emotions about saying goodbye to everyone. Gaawwwd, Mom. Can you just forget it and scratch my back?

Cassie: Sure, Charlie. I’m sorry that it’s hard to say goodbye to the posse and all your buddies. I really am.

Charlie: I’m sorry too. No more talking. This is one night I really need some sleep.

Cassie: I understand.

Charlie: At least there’s skype. Skype will save me.

Cassie: That’s true! That’s what helped you when we first moved here… skyping with your cousins and Grandma and Pop and your pals.

Charlie: Now it’s in reverse….like we’re going backwards.

Cassie: I guess so. You know, even though we’re going back, we’re still headed for a new adventure….it’s just that now we’ll be on turf we already know.

Charlie: Yea. New Jersey. Pffft.

Cassie: You love New Jersey! And you missed it so much. Now you have California as part of your repertoire. All the memories of your dudes you can hold onto forever.

Charlie: (mumbling into his pillow) They don’t say “Dude” in New Jersey.

Cassie: You can.

Charlie: (quietly) Shhhh. Too sleepy.

Cassie: Okay, Charlie. Okay. I love you.

Charlie: (quietly) You too.

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