Fake Frozen Yogurt And Yellow Walls

While eating a frozen yogurt treat this afternoon:

Genevieve: I hate this kind. This is the kind that’s healthy. It tastes like yogurt.

Cassie: Gigi, it’s frozen yogurt. It is yogurt that has been frozen. Therefore, it’s frozen yogurt. You’ve had it before.

Genevieve: Not THIS kind. I’ve never been to this place with these chairs and the walls that are all yellow. What is this place? Do they use sugar?

Cassie: It’s called Pink Berry. Yes. They use sugar.

Genevieve: It tastes like the sugar is half. Or not even in my kind.

Cassie: Hmmm. I like mine.

Genevieve: Can I taste your kind?

Cassie: Sure.

Genevieve: (gingerly takes a taste of my chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt and then shivers in mock disgust) Your kind doesn’t have enough sugar either! (Whining now) I can’t handle it!

Cassie: Well try. Don’t eat it if you don’t want to. Just sit there, be quiet and look at the walls.

Genevieve: (With a challenge in her voice and a glare in her expression) I am never coming here again. Who’s idea was it come here for these treats that don’t have any sugar?

Cassie: Chloe and I came here last week.

Genevieve: Chloe liked it?

Cassie: She did. This place boasts of their use of all natural ingredients. In the end, I’m sure there’s still a lot of sugar in the yogurt, especially when you’ve added some toppings.

Genevieve: My M & M toppings are all ruined by this yucky kind of yogurt. See? Totally ruined! Mom, next time can we please just go to the place that makes FAKE frozen yogurt? I don’t want my toppings to get yucked…and I don’t want to look at these yellow walls ever again.

As we make our way out the door of the establishment, we see a mother and her two kids approach….

Genevieve: (murmuring) I hope they know how asgusting it tastes.

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