Polly Pockets: They Put Me In A Mood

Cassie: Stop chewing those Polly Pockets, Gigi! You keep putting those in your mouth and one of these days you’re going to choke. If you don’t stop doing that, I’ll take them away forever!

Gigi: (immediately spitting a tiny bright pink Polly Pocket shoe from her mouth) Oh, Mom. It’s just like gum. I don’t swallow gum.

Cassie: You’ve never had gum.

Gigi: I pretend it’s pieces of gum. I don’t swallow and I don’t choke. (sighing) They’re rubbery and chewy and I can’t help it.

Cassie: Well you’d better start trying to help it or I’m taking all those things away. Also, I hate how all those pieces are in the tub from your baths. And, now that I think of it, that’s totally gross that some of those pieces that you chew on have probably been in the bath tub….floating around in bathwater. Ewwww!

Gigi: Oh, Mom. Are you in a bad mood today?

2 thoughts on “Polly Pockets: They Put Me In A Mood

  1. I have a friend who’s daughter stuck Polly Pocket shoes up her nose and had to have them surgically removed…consider yourself lucky;-)


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