The Secret Princess CD

Regarding the full CD set of Disney Princess arias that we just borrowed from the library and are now listening to in the car…..

First, Charlie is going to have a cow. Even hearing a wee snippet of this kind of music on a car ride (or anywhere) would, without a doubt, put him over the edge.

Second, Genevieve seems to know, instinctively, that playing this particular CD in Charlie’s company would be a serious mistake. As soon as she begins a conversation on the subject, I turn down the music so I can hear closely all that she’s declaring in her sweet but authoritative little voice.

Genevieve: We’ll just play this in the car every time we’re going somewhere WITHOUT Charlie. I already know that we’re gonna have to take it out and change it to one of the Rock CDs when we pick him up at school. I already know that.

Cassie: Phew. It shouldn’t be a problem then.

Genevieve: I could show him the beautiful pink CD case that it came in but I know he won’t want to listen to this kind of music. I’ll just show him the cover.

Cassie: Maybe you shouldn’t even bring it up at all. Don’t even bother showing him the case. Charlie doesn’t need to know about the Disney Princess CD at all, really.

Genevieve: Like a secret?

Cassie: Yea. Just seeing the case will get him worked up. You know what I mean?

Genevieve: Like one of his fits?

Cassie: Exactly.

Genevieve: Why doesn’t Charlie like the princesses at all?

Cassie: Just not his thing.

Genevieve: But I like ALL the things. I watch his car stuff and Sponge Bob and Mad TV and I don’t have fits.

Cassie: Because you are exceptional, Genevieve Gray.

Genevieve: (sighing deeply) I know it.

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