Charlie’s Mother’s Day Card

Cassie: I love this Mother’s Day card, Charlie. 

Charlie: Ummm…yea.

Cassie: I especially love the part about how you like providing material for my writing.

Charlie: I got some coaching on that. But what I said about snuggling….that was all me.

Cassie: Oh. So you don’t really like that I write about you all the time on face book andImage my blog?

Charlie: It’s okay, I guess. But, it’s not my top thing.

Cassie: You’re my muse. You’re one of my inspirations, along with the other kids. But, you know, I DO seem to write about YOU the most.

Charlie: Because I’m funny?

Cassie: Yes. You know you are.

Charlie: If you’re famous some day, then it will all be because of me.

Cassie: I don’t think I’m going to be famous. But, I’m pretty certain YOU will be.

Charlie: Yea. Probably.

Cassie: Yea.

Charlie: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You can give me one kiss on each cheek. But please don’t do it so hard that you make my ears ring.

Cassie: Okay, Charlie. Love you.

Charlie: Love you, too.

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