Coffee Heaven

Gigi: Why do you like your coffee so much?

Cassie: It’s something special for me in the morning. It helps me to wake up for the day.

Gigi: Why can’t you wake up just from waking up?

Cassie: I used to be able to do that but now I need the coffee.

Gigi: Coffee tastes awful unless it’s coffee ice cream.

Cassie: I used to think the same thing but now I like the taste.

Gigi: When did you start to like the taste? When you were a teenager?

Cassie: No. Not until college. My junior year of college when I was at Columbia in New York City.

Gigi: New York City is near our other house in New Jersey.

Cassie: Right. When I was at school there, I had to stay awake sometimes to study. The students were allowed to bring coffee into the Reading Room at the library and so I did. Sometimes I’d sneak a treat in with the coffee. I’d have a chocolate something or other with the coffee. It was heavenly.

Gigi: You said snuggling with ME was the heavenly treat. That’s what you said.

Cassie: Oh it is. Trust me, it is. But back then I didn’t have a “Gigi” for my heavenly treat. I didn’t have any kids yet.

Gigi: But now you do.

Cassie: Yes. Now I do.

Gigi: You still need some coffee even when you are a mom now. Moms need coffee.

Cassie: Many of them do.

Gigi: When I’m a mom, I don’t think I’ll need coffee. Do you think I’ll need coffee?

Cassie: I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

Gigi: If I do, then I’ll be a mom and you’ll be a grandma and we can drink coffee together.

Cassie: Yes! Now THAT would be a real heavenly treat.

Gigi: I know it. We could do that at Starbuck’s. Have a Coffee Heaven at Starbuck’s.

Cassie: Or anywhere.

Gigi: Don’t forget that we are going to do that when I’m the mother and you’re the grandmother.

Cassie: I won’t. Something to look forward to. But I don’t think I want to be a grandma just yet.

Gigi: I know, Mom! Not yet. Not until you’re REALLY old.

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